About energy work

Often patients are confused about what is meant by energy work, energy healing and similar terms. To put it as simply as possible, we all are made up of and surrounded by fields of electromagnetic energy.  One person’s field (or collection of fields) affects another’s.

I often work without actually putting my hands on the patient’s body.  In fact, I generally can tell more about what’s going on inside you by holding my hands a few inches away.  When I bring my hands near your body with the intention to have a healing effect, I don’t need to physically touch you, because our fields extend far outward from our bodies and are interacting already.

In Oriental medicine, we call that energy that your body is made of Qi (pronounced “chee”).  Qi is what we are working with when we use hands, needles, moxa, or any other means to encourage healing.

Reiki is perhaps the most familiar style of energy work to most Americans, so I often use that as a starting point in explaining what I’m doing, but all the names and styles of energy healing use the same basic mechanism.
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